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Funeral bills don’t have to haunt your family.

An average funeral in New Zealand can cost over $10,0001

We were shocked, too! Losing a loved one is already hard enough without needing to worry about paying for the service and everything that goes along with it. But with $1 a Day Funeral Cover, you could help your family with this or any other expenses left behind. Keep scrolling to learn more about $1 a Day Funeral Cover, or search our Funeral Cover FAQs to answer any questions.

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About $1 a Day Funeral Cover

No worries acceptance.

NZ residents between 40 & 70 are guaranteed acceptance with our funeral cover!

Skip the doctor’s visit.

No trip to the GP. No health questions asked. Just answer a few questions to get covered.

Always $1 a day. No, really.

Premiums are fixed, so they don't increase with your age.

Boost your cover (optional).

Want a little extra? You can boost your cover for just 25¢ more a day!

No premiums after the age of 89.

Our birthday prezzie to you – keep your cover, but pay no premiums once you turn 89.

Fast claims. Like, super speedy.

Claims are usually paid within 24 to 48 hours of claim approval.

Just one exclusion…

Our funeral cover only covers deaths caused by an accident during the first 24 months, starting from when the policy was purchased.
This exclusion disappears after that!

Make sure you check the Policy Wording for full details on what’s covered, policy features and more. Funeral Insurance is not a savings or investment plan and depending on how long you live, you may pay more in premiums than the amount of cover provided by the policy.

Funeral cover for $1 a day.

What $1 a Day Funeral Cover can offer


Pick a schedule that works for you – fortnightly, monthly or once a year.


We’ll cover you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you may roam.


We’re all online, making things faster for you. (But you can still talk to a human if you prefer!)

Primo Pricing

At just $1 a day, our funeral cover is designed to be easy and straightforward.

1. Citizens Advice Bureau – What are some of the normal costs of a funeral, August 2020.

burning questions?

We’ve covered the highlights here, but you can read our handy FAQs for all the details. Or, get in touch with our Customer Support Team!