About Dollar

Some general tidbits about Dollar Insurance and our policies to help you along the way.

Who is Dollar Insurance?

Dollar Insurance is a Kiwi as insurance provider based in Auckland. There’s so much more we could...

How does Dollar Insurance work?

Dollar Insurance is a little different than other brands that offer insurance policies. Instead of you selecting a cover...

How can you offer insurance for just $1 a day?

To keep premiums at just $1 a day, we've done away with a lot of the fancy bells. We're almost completely online, which...

Who counts as a New Zealand resident?

We consider a Kiwi or New Zealand resident to be anyone who resides in New Zealand at the time of application...

Is there a fee if I pay with a debit or credit card?

Yes. A 3.95% processing fee will be added to each payment made using a debit or credit card.

However, there...

How will you send me important information about my policy?

Dollar Insurance loves the planet, so we’ve gone as paperless as possible! That means any documents, like your...

Why are some words in your policy documents capitalised and in bold?

When we capitalise and bold certain words that means they’ve been given a special definition. Making them stand...

How can I get in touch with you?

There are two ways you can reach us:

  • Send an email –

Funeral Cover

The ins and outs of $1 a Day Funeral Cover, from getting a policy to making a claim.

I'm a smoker. Will this affect my cover? What substances count towards smoking?

Short answer: yes.

Smokers may be more likely to develop some serious health problems, making it tougher for...

How does $1 a Day Funeral Cover work?

$1 a Day Funeral Cover is a little different to other insurance policies. Instead of you selecting a cover amount and...

Who is the insurer? Does someone back up your policies?

$1 a Day Funeral Cover is insured by Momentum Life Limited (FSP472286). They are a fully-licensed insurance company...

How much funeral cover can I get?

The amount of funeral cover you can get will depend on a few things: your gender, age and if you smoke.


How is my cover amount calculated?

We just need to ask your age, gender and if you smoke to figure out how much cover we can offer you. Our...

Will my cover amount ever be lowered as I get older? Will you lower my cover as I get older?

With $1 a Day Funeral Cover, your benefit amount won't be lowered because you get older. You'll enjoy the same cover...

Can I get more cover? What's this Cover Booster I've been hearing about?

Absolutely! We offer an optional Cover Booster for just 25c more each day. Your Cover Booster amount depends on your...

Will my payments go up each year?

Nope. You’ll always know how much to pay, because we’ve locked our prices at just $1 a day (plus any

My Account

Can’t sign in? Need to update your policy? Getting to know your DollarHub is easy with these FAQs.

What's DollarHub?

DollarHub is our online portal, where customers can...

How do I register for DollarHub?

Setting up your DollarHub account won’t take long, and you can do it whenever you’re ready....

How do I login to my DollarHub?

Logging in to your DollarHub is easy. Just click the Login button, located in the upper...

I didn't get an email to join DollarHub. What do I do?

First, check the trash and/or spam folders. Emails sometimes get delivered there by mistake, so your...

How do I view my policy details?

You can view your policy details at any time by logging in to your

How do I update my contact details?

Updating your contact details is easy: just log in to your

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time by logging in to your

How do I update my payment details?

New bank card? Want to set up direct debit? These changes can be made by logging in to your


You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out our insurance. To make things even easier, here’s a handy list of common terms to help remove the mystery.

acceptance date

means the date your application is accepted, and your policy starts.


accident means any bodily injury (which is unintended, unexpected and not self-inflicted)...

accidental death

means death that occurs as a direct result of an accident, and within 90 days of that accident.


includes a physical address, an email address and any other electronic form of communication provided by you.


means the person or people who will receive your insurance benefit after you've passed away. This can be anyone you...


means the amount that we'll pay when the life insured dies and is covered by the terms of this policy.

business days

are Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm (basically, when our Customer Support team is normally working). Weekends and public...


means a request made to us (Dollar Insurance) to pay the benefit on your insurance policy.