9 Retirement problems you never saw coming

May 06, 2019

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Think retirement is all about kicking back with a cuppa and good book? Well, hopefully it is… but there could be a few snags keeping you from that life of leisure.

Turns out retiring doesn’t always live up to the hype. Plans get paused, family members don’t cooperate and sometimes what you thought you wanted turns out to be all wrong. No one told us retirement was gonna be this way!

Here are 9 retirement problems you never expected (and quick fixes to try to sort them out):

1. Retirement is great… but I’m getting bored!

You might be getting 40 hours of your life back every week, but how’re you going to fill all that time? A wide-open schedule might be a tougher change than you’d think.

The Fix: Set a goal (or two) so you have something to work on. The more detail, the better!

2. I actually miss working!

Wait… this can happen?! A lot of people measure their self-esteem by their work success. When that’s gone, it might be hard to figure out what you bring to the world.

The Fix: Casual work or volunteering could help scratch this itch.

3. My partner and I are fighting ALL. THE. TIME.

You’re both at home for the first time in years. It’s not crazy that you might start butting heads over everything from TV viewing to where the good tea cups go.

The Fix: Take a deep breath & talk it over. And maybe work some alone time into your days.

4. I don’t have as many friends as I used to.

You don’t see work friends very often. Pals are moving away when they retire. And more than a few have passed away. 

The Fix: Meet new people by joining a club, taking a class or volunteering in your community.

5. The kids & grandkids aren’t around enough.

You’ve got all day to hang out, but everyone else is still working or in school. And when you do pop round, your kids just act like you’re in the way! 

The Fix: Respect that they need family time without you. Offer to babysit or do the school run for extra quality time with the grandkids. 

6. My kids assume I’m always free to babysit!

Flip side: You’re happy to see the grandkids, but you’ve got your own life too. Retirement was supposed to be about travel and hobbies—not nappies and homework.

The Fix: Sit the kids down for some real talk about everyone’s expectations. Set boundaries and a schedule that works for everyone.

7. My new budget is too hard to stick to.

You’ve cut waaaay back to make your savings stretch—don’t want to run out! But you haven’t left any room for some fun (or even the odd packet of biscuits).

The Fix: Ease into your new budget before you stop working. It’ll give you time to adjust and decide if you’re on track.

8. I’d be having more fun if it weren’t for this bum knee.

You’ve worked hard, you deserve to have fun! But injury and poor health can stop some retirement plans in their tracks.

The Fix: Ask your GP for diet, fitness and sleep tips to help keep you in top form.

9. I’m not ready to give up my freedom.

The kids are hinting that it’s time to hand over your driver’s licence or move into a retirement community. But you’re not ready to rely on others that much.

The Fix: Family talk time—chat about your feelings, their concerns and be realistic about what you can and can’t still do. Still healthy? Come up with a game plan before you need it.

Another problem you didn't see coming—how expensive funerals can be!

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